Sunday, December 11, 2011

Town Section Planning

I'm starting work on finishing off some town sections.  The town sections will be for multi-period use, and will be used to abstract unit placement inside them.   Essentially, units will only have the best deployment for firing out of a town section on a limited number of sides of the town section.  The arrangement of the town section (buildings on the base) will determine the available space which will define how units can face, as well as how many can be placed in the section.

Some photos from planning:

This photo shows the base (6" square) and the "building" prior to detail and assembly.

An example of placing the building to one edge, allowing units to face 3 edges.

Oriented differently; now only 2 edges of the town section are "good" for defending units.

Only two good edges, plus a tree added to the section.  I'm definitely adding foliage to each section; looks much less industrial!

I'll be adding walls along edges, and detailing the building as the section is finished.  More photos in upcoming posts.  

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  1. I'm going through the same process with my FOBWW2 town sections. I decided not to mount the buildings on the town template so I could move the buildings around to accommodate occupying units.

    Dave M