Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marion Barber - Denver Broncos MVP

This is one of those "and Stuff" posts on the old blog.

Wow.   I don't really believe what I keep seeing with Tim Tebow quarterbacking the Denver Broncos.   I've never seen a player with his poise in the 4th quarter.  Its like a calm settles over him and the game slows down.   Too bad that he plays so average to below average in the 1st 3 quarters!  He goes something like 3 for 16 for 50 yards in the first 3 quarters, and then goes 15 for 20 for 175 yards in the fourth quarter.  HUH??

Of course, Tebow will get the acclaim, but the credit for the win should really go to the Bears' Marion Barber, Bronco MVP, Bears Goat.    Let's see - if he just runs stays in bounds on the Bears last possession in the 4th quarter, the clock runs out and the Broncos and Tebow don't even get the ball back to have a chance to tie the game.  Nope...Marion Barbergoat breaks free and runs out of bounds.


Overtime.   Marion Barbergoat appears to break free but isn't aware of ball security and has the ball stripped.


Broncos march down the field, kick a field goal and move to 8-5.

There is a LOT to be said for poise, character, and football IQ in the NFL.  Tim Tebow has it.  Marion Barber....well.....THANKS MARION!!!!  Denver loves you!!!!!!

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