Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again!

I'm baaaack, in the saddle again!  (Those of you who like Aerosmith can hum the tune in your heads.....)

My last posting was January 28, and a combination of end of year record keeping and tax prep work for two businesses, plus an extremely busy month in my primary job has kept me from getting posts updated as I'd like to.   But, now its time to fix that and post some new stuff!

First - a couple of photos from the last game, a couple of weeks ago:

French infantry deployed to defend a town area in our Peninsular game

The British and allied Portuguese/Spanish host gathers

You just have to love British heavy dragoons in bicornes!

French make for the river

That's enough photos for now -  I'll pop up more in upcoming posts.

We're 1/3 of the way through a campaign set in the Peninsula 1808.  The Brits won game 1; the campaign is set for 3 games.  I'm using this campaign to develop a campaign module for Field of Battle.   In keeping with the "of Battle" series titles, the campaign set is "Season of Battles", or SoB for short.    Hmmm.

I also still have two other sets simmering - Pulse of Battle, the ancient and medieval set that will soon turn up to full boil, and the WW2 set "Follow Me", aimed at low level games (a unit is a squad of infantry and 1 to 2 vehicles).    Too many projects, too many areas of interest!