Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back from Vacation

After the last two years of incidents and accidents while on vacation, it was really nice to have a great vacation at Sturgis and in the Black Hills (South Dakota) that went smoothly.  Two years ago, a clown made an illegal U-turn at the entrance to Mt. Rushmore and hit both my wife and I on our bikes.   That took over a year and a half to resolve the health and legal issues.   My advice for any rider out there - make sure you immediately get a good lawyer involved.   You won't be sorry.    Last year, we decided to trailer our bikes up to the Black Hills - in case some moron hit us on our bikes we'd at least be able to get the bikes home!  Well.....all was going great until our tow vehicle seized up - a complete failure of the oil pump and resulting main bearing failure.    It's a lot of fun to buy a new vehicle while you're on vacation.

However - this year went flawlessly.   No vehicle problems, no incidents or close calls on our bikes.   Great rides in the Black Hills, and out to Devils Tower.   Some photos below.

Devils Tower, in Wyoming

My bike at Devils Tower

The Badlands
Next up is to finish off Pulse of Battle and get it to the printer.   I'm planning on that getting finished in September.