Sunday, April 10, 2011

1866 Game Wrap Up

Finishing up with the photos from last week's 1866 game:  The Austrians massed a line of artillery in the center of the battlefield at effective range and (gasp) took time to soften up the Prussian infantry and artillery.  This allowed the Austrian infantry, spearheaded by Jaeger and Grenze units, to close and crush the Prussian line.  Well played by the Austrians!  (John, Ed, Greg R., Brad)   Maybe next time, Prussians!  (Chris, Greg C., Terry).

Austrian cavalry swing toward the flank

Austrian gun line appears depleted...Prussian guns have done some damage!

Jaegers close on a Prussian battery

Austrian infantry flow through their gun line

Austrian Jaegers protect a flank near a Class II river

Defiant last stand of the Prussian center...holding on to the end...standard waving in the breeze

Friday, April 8, 2011

1866 Game - April 2

I'm a bit behind - this game photo summary is of last week's Austro-Prussian 1866 game.  The Austrians had a substantial numerical advantage - 24 units to 14.  The Prussians held on valiantly, but the Austrians ended up steamrolling them in the center of the field. 
Here come the Austrians!

Austrians come over the hill to attack the Prussian left flank

Now THAT is a gun line....facing the Prussian center

General Toby makes a new friend

More in a later post.......