Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Armies

As I sit and create this post, I look off to my right, and see the cabinets containing the "completed" armies that I have.   Unfortunately, the not-yet-started greatly outnumbers the completed.    What are my armies and why do I have them?

Franco-Prussian War 1870 - Wargames Foundry figures.   This is my oldest 25mm set of armies, and the first that I raised once I made the decision to solely focus on 25mm.   I love this period - the full transition to breechloading rifles, much better artillery, cool uniforms.  Eventually I'll return to these armies and add more infantry and artillery.

Austria, 1859/1866 - Technically, these figures (Battle Honors) are for 1859 as they're in the tunic and not the boring grey coat.  But - white coats are prettier, they're my armies - so there!   These little warriors do battle with the French (see above) in 1859, and also the Prussians in 1870.   They exist to give the French and Prussians an enemy that they can both beat regularly.  I consider this army to essentially be complete.

French Napoleonic - created around the pre-1812 uniform and flags, with a combination of Old Glory, Elite, and Wargames Foundry figures.   This is one of the larger armies that I have, and it features several units of figures painted by Eric Miller, painter extraordinaire.  Future plans include more cavalry.

ACW Federal - another of my favorite armies, using a combination of Old Glory, Sash and Saber,  Redoubt, and Wargames Foundry.   No two figures alike in the units.  Considering that the ACW is my passion for reading and researching, this shouldn't be a surprise.   My long term plans are to add more units, but specifically a ton of cavalry for some entirely cavalry vs. cavalry bashes.

British Napoleonic - created in the stovepipe shako with the Penninsula in mind.   These are Elite and Old Glory figures.   I love the red, and the Spanish and Portuguese allies.   What a colorful army on the tabletop.

ACW Confederate - a wondrous mass of browns, tans, khakis, grays, and blues.   Combination of Old Glory, Sash and Saber, Redoubt, Renegade, and Wargames Foundry.   I love this army.  No two figures alike in the units.

Austrian Napoleonic - in helmets, for 1809 and earlier.   The white uniforms "pop" with the bright variety of facings and flags.  This army is essentially finished, but I'll probably add both infantry and cavalry.  Combination of Old Glory, Sash and Saber, and Elite.

Prussian 1814/1815 Napoleonic - I picked this army up in a sale from Eric Miller.   All Wargames Foundry.  Not the most colorful army, but tons of variety in quality of units.   They need to make it out onto the table more often.

Austrian SYW - still need to add more of everything to this army, using Old Glory.  My Prussians are currently limited to 4 units, so this period will require some work to get onto the table.

Late Roman:  Another army purchased from Eric Miller.   Wargames Foundry figures, waiting for rebasing to Pulse of Battle standards.  

Roman Republican:  Old Glory and Wargames Foundry.   I love these guys.   Lots of color, but a stolid straigh ahead no nonsense army.   No messing around with namby pamby archers and light cavalry for these boys.  

Macedonian/Successor:  Old Glory and Wargames Foundry.  I purchased the core of the army from Eric Miller (pike and cavalry) and have added to it.   What a combination of tactical tools - pike, elephants, slingers, archers, heavy and medium cavalry, as well as a conglomeration of Gauls that I toss in as mercenaries/allies. 

WW2 - 1944 - WestWind Germans and US.   Lots of Shermans and PzkwIV's, infantry, MG's, mortars, AT guns.    I really want to get back to some WW2 games

You should see what I still have to paint - both in the above and in new periods!   But....that's a different post.....