Friday, October 6, 2017

Photos of Give Fire! Playtest - 3 Months Ago....

As I've prepared our next games for tomorrow - ECW, using the not yet released mini-supplement for FoB2, "Give Fire!", I thought I should post some photos from the previous game. 

Based on previous test games, I'd made some minor changes (salvo fire, commanded shot, some minor modifiers).  I also rebased all of the pike and command figures, so now all foot units have 3 stands.  I really really really like the look of foot units with 3 stands.  They just look more "clumpy" and less linear.   Anyway, now for the photos of our somewhat game of 2nd Newbury:

A rather uneven deployment

Close Up of the new infantry basing

Guns ready to Give Fire!

A major horse melee looms.

I don't think they knew they were going up against a 12+1 unit!

Foot tromps forwards

Infantry supported by guns.

More of the horse melee

Less of the horse melee

I think that qualifies as a flank attack

Who is going which direction???

And finally, somehow, one of the players managed this die roll.