Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Set of Loss Markers for Field of Battle

Well, to say that the group didn't care for the loss markers I used in the last game is putting it mildly.  Too fiddly, to easy to misplace the side marking the loss, too easy to misinterpret in the heat of battle.

My solution?

Back to a loss stand that indicates a single step Unit Integrity loss, but with a casualty figure, and with the UI loss indicator hopefully fairly unobtrusive.

The UI loss is shown with a bead that is marked 1, 2, or 3.  I get these online at .  Fast service, inexpensive craft beads that serve the trick and are easy to read. 

The process to make the UI loss markers is pretty easy.  I glue the casualty figure to the stand first and let the glue dry.  After the glue is completely dry, I drill a hole into the stand deep enough so that the top of the bead is flush with the stand surface.  I use a drill press to make the depth consistent and quick and easy to hit.  You could just as easily use a hand power drill and a depth limiter - mechanical or something as easy as a piece of tape wrapped around the drill bit.  I should mention that I use 1/4" thick stands, so not everybody may be able to drill down as far as I do!  Other than preferring the heft, appearance, and feel of the thick stands, I have a couple of practical reasons I prefer them over thinner stands.  More of that in a later post....

Anyway - Once the hole is drilled, I paint the hole dark brown.  Let the paint dry, put in a spot of glue on the bottom and place the bead.  All that is left is to terrain and finish the stand like all the others in the army.

To use the markers, just put the stand with a 1 on it for a 1 UI loss, a 2 for a 2 UI loss, etc.

Coming soon - fire markers!!

(Great motorcycle ride today - 200 miles in 30 to 40 MPH winds.  It was still absolutely beautiful to have warm weather and have the bikes out!!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

1866 Game - More Photos

The Austrian command staff concentrates on command issues such as perusing the latest issue of Battlegames and playing "catch my hand" with Toby, the Jack Russell Terrier...

The White Wave rolls toward the ridgeline
Austrians crush the Prussian defence

Austrians consolidate their hold of the ridgeline

Genl. Cornell's guns finally unlimber!

End game:  Prussian defence of the ridge is reduced to a small pocket, while the reserve divisions are held/pushed back at the river.  Austrians win!  Austrians win!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Austro-Prussian 1866 Game

This game was based/influenced by the historical battle of Trautenau, but not an exact "historical" scenario - more flavor than anything else.  The sides were numerically equal, but the Prussians had 1 division on the Austrian side of the river, with their 2 other divisions marching onto the table to their rear.  The Austrians started with a Corps on the table and 2 brigades marching on during the battle.  I won't provide an event by event report on the game....suffice it to say that the Austrians actually won a game!  The Austrian plan (Greg Cornell, Ed Meyers) was to attack the Prussian division as fast as possible and put a "cork" in the access across the river.  The Prussians (Greg Rold, Chris Cornell) seemed to plan on holding the central ridges on the Austrian side of the river, and moving the reinforcing divisions up as fast as possible to attack the Austrian center and left flank.  Unfortunately for the Prussians, a couple of "1's" rolled for movement put a real crimp in their plans.  A brutal back and forth battle for the central ridges was the central point of the game, with the Austrians eventually prevailing.   The Prussians reached 0 Army Morale Points first - unknown to them, the Austrians had only 2 AMPs remaining at that point!  Unfortunately for the Prussians, the next few combats were resoundingly lost by them, and the Austrian juggernaught continued to gather steam.

The game used the new Grand Tactical set of FoB rules - it has a nice GT feel, while still providing plenty of tactical decision making and tactical color to the game.  I like them a lot.

Anyway, on to the photos.

Austrian Corps ready to advance

Prussian division on the central ridge

Here come the Prussians!

Here come the Austrians!

Closing to combat at the central ridge

Austrians gaining the ridge

Overview of the Austrian assault on the ridge

Hehehe...look how good I'm doing!

More to follow in the next post...

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Just a few shots and thoughts about flags.

I've tried various ways of making flags over the years.  Hand drawn and painted (time consuming and laborious).  Photo copied line drawings and painted (see time consuming and laborious).  Printed from internet sources (varying quality and interest).  Purchased (sometimes "plastic" looking, not always the size I wanted).  Modified from online files (modify the file version to darker colors, paint on the main and highlight colors).

Here are some shots of the latest method I'm trying.

All of these flags were taken from a SYW site.  The files are of one side of the flag.  A simple "mirror" copy, print them out to the desired size, and that is the basis for the flag.  Rather than focus on painting in shadows, I instead just concentrated on highlights - greys on the black, lighter blues, brighter whites.   Overall, I'm pretty happy with them, and they look pretty cool on the units.

Just a couple shots of our "kids"

Time for a haircut

Am I cute enough that you won't notice the hole I just dug in the yard?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Project Update

Well....I didn't put on a game last Saturday, for 2 major reasons - my wife was very ill with bronchitis, and the basement furnace/AC project took longer than expected.  But - looks like a game this Saturday.

I've been basing up Napoleonic foot units, as well as messing around with some campaign ideas.  I've also been playing around with ideas for an ECW version of FoB - really wouldn't be too hard to adapt.

Picked up an intriguing book the other day "Eden to Armageddon - World War 1 in the Middle East".   It looks to be well written...just what I need, another project!

Other books that have arrived in the last week include:

"Trailing Clouds of Glory:  Zachary Taylor's Mexican War Campaign and His
Emerging Civil War Leaders"

"The Mons Myth: A reassessment of the Battle"

"Cool Deliberate Courage:  John Eager Howard in the American Revolution"

All of the above look pretty interesting.  I'm tempted to pitch into the Mons book first - I have Zuber's previous book on the Ardennes 1914 battles and this looks to be an ideal companion.     Its too late to save me from that project, as I have tons of WW1 Western and Eastern front figures.

The custom FoB card order is complete and will be sent in by tomorrow - these cards will be a fantastic upgrade to the FoB player's collection.  Very slick!