Monday, April 1, 2013

Lame, Lame, Lame

Well, it is April Fool's day, and with it the inevitable flood of lame (LAME) blog updates and TMP posts.  

You know the type:

a)   I've decided to leave wargaming as a hobby and take up (insert lame hobby of your choice).
b)  I've decided to only do 1mm armies, or armies made of rice grains, etc.
c)  There's a new manufacturer of X line of figures - in 31.8mm!    I've been looking for all of these for years!!!
d)  There's a new software program that reads a gamer's mind and requires no manual input to totally automate the game and rules process!

Maybe I'm just old and grumpy (I turned 50 in June)......but I find these repetitive, lame, April Fool's day posts to just be.....well.....lame.   They're not funny, not engaging, nor interesting.    At best, they're......lame.

Happy April Fool's day.