Monday, April 1, 2013

Lame, Lame, Lame

Well, it is April Fool's day, and with it the inevitable flood of lame (LAME) blog updates and TMP posts.  

You know the type:

a)   I've decided to leave wargaming as a hobby and take up (insert lame hobby of your choice).
b)  I've decided to only do 1mm armies, or armies made of rice grains, etc.
c)  There's a new manufacturer of X line of figures - in 31.8mm!    I've been looking for all of these for years!!!
d)  There's a new software program that reads a gamer's mind and requires no manual input to totally automate the game and rules process!

Maybe I'm just old and grumpy (I turned 50 in June)......but I find these repetitive, lame, April Fool's day posts to just be.....well.....lame.   They're not funny, not engaging, nor interesting.    At best, they're......lame.

Happy April Fool's day.


  1. In my blog reading list I spotted one of these posts you are talking about. They are trying to be funny, but you are right, it's lame.

  2. Lame but harmless unless you were 'sucked in' by one of them maybe :-)

    Any word of POB publication date ?


  3. PoB is in final stages; army lists are being scrutinized. As soon as that is done, photos and final layout will be finished. I anticipate having it to the printer in late April, and would like to have it available for sale in June.

  4. Truth is, Brent loves this stuff-- this is HIS April Fool's joke post!!! Love it!! ;-)

  5. You're on to me! PoB has already been published! Why haven't you ordered a copy! Everyone is already playing it!!

  6. Was it April 1st? Didn't register it at all!

  7. Its the April 5th jokes that usually catch me out.