Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Set of Loss Markers for Field of Battle

Well, to say that the group didn't care for the loss markers I used in the last game is putting it mildly.  Too fiddly, to easy to misplace the side marking the loss, too easy to misinterpret in the heat of battle.

My solution?

Back to a loss stand that indicates a single step Unit Integrity loss, but with a casualty figure, and with the UI loss indicator hopefully fairly unobtrusive.

The UI loss is shown with a bead that is marked 1, 2, or 3.  I get these online at .  Fast service, inexpensive craft beads that serve the trick and are easy to read. 

The process to make the UI loss markers is pretty easy.  I glue the casualty figure to the stand first and let the glue dry.  After the glue is completely dry, I drill a hole into the stand deep enough so that the top of the bead is flush with the stand surface.  I use a drill press to make the depth consistent and quick and easy to hit.  You could just as easily use a hand power drill and a depth limiter - mechanical or something as easy as a piece of tape wrapped around the drill bit.  I should mention that I use 1/4" thick stands, so not everybody may be able to drill down as far as I do!  Other than preferring the heft, appearance, and feel of the thick stands, I have a couple of practical reasons I prefer them over thinner stands.  More of that in a later post....

Anyway - Once the hole is drilled, I paint the hole dark brown.  Let the paint dry, put in a spot of glue on the bottom and place the bead.  All that is left is to terrain and finish the stand like all the others in the army.

To use the markers, just put the stand with a 1 on it for a 1 UI loss, a 2 for a 2 UI loss, etc.

Coming soon - fire markers!!

(Great motorcycle ride today - 200 miles in 30 to 40 MPH winds.  It was still absolutely beautiful to have warm weather and have the bikes out!!)


  1. Really neat idea Brent (and very well done too)

  2. That's an excellent idea. I may try a similar idea and use a square hole to take a small dice.

    Excellent stuff. Cheers for posting.


  3. Have fun drilling a square hole... :)


  4. Since Brent's bead was glued down, the marker is static (can only represent the 1 loss). If that's the case, then you don't even need the bead. You can just paint a small circle\square on the base and write the number (1, 2, e, etc...) inside the circle\square. That also eliminates having to cut the hole.

    Or you could use a paint program and draw some numbers inside circles, print on a color printer, then cut out the circles and glue 'em to the stand.

  5. Yup, that would work. I used to use printed and glued on numbers/labels for my 15mm WWII stuff. I prefer the beads because they're faster for me to do and more consistent in appearance. Its all about personal preference - the functionality remains the same however you indicate the numerical loss.