Friday, June 4, 2010

ACW Game

Tomorrow we're playing an ACW Field of Battle game, with an interesting mix of units.  I can't really be more specific on the scenario the players might ask too many questions!  

We haven't played ACW for a while - one of our group dislikes the period (an intense hatred of Confederates).  Personally, it is my favorite period.  That probably stems from a lifetime of study and battlefield visits.  Its just very easy to feel connected to the period for me.

A short post this time - photos to follow after the game.

One final note.   We finally saw "Avatar" last weekend.   I guess I'm getting old...this was supposed to be a great movie?   Really??   9 foot tall blue alien version of Dances with Wolves???   While I admire the technical achievement of the film, I can't begin to claim it remotely interested me as a movie.   Too long, too....boring.   I know I must be getting old....the week before we watched "Its Complicated" and I enjoyed that movie.   Not a blue alien to be seen. 

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