Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chantilly Part 3

Before more on the Chantilly game - I went with my wife to pick up her cell phone that she forgot at her office today.  As we were walking out to the car in the parking lot, the drone of 4 beautiful radial engines struck us.  Looking up - what did we see?  Eight tiny reindeer???  NO!!!  A B-17 on its final approach into the nearby regional airport.   Unbelievably cool.  I'd like to take some time one of these weekends and camp out on the roof of the parking garage and get some shots of the WW2 planes flying in and out of the airport.  Last year there was a B25, B17, P38, P47, and P51 over the course of the summer.  Awesome!

On to the Chantilly game:

The CSA blunts the USA assault...the tide turns and the beginning of the end for the US forces

An action shot of the last US attempt to hold off the advancing CSA infantry.  An unsuccessful attempt as it turned out.  The CSA army went on to a glorious crushing victory (guess which side I was on). 

Overall, a fun game and an interesting scenario.  The US had 8 infantry and 3 artillery, with a couple of Raw infantry units and a couple of Crack artillery batteries.  The CSA had 12 infantry, 4 Crack and 8 Regular.  An interesting tactical situation - the CSA army had no interest in venturing into the open and suffer under the US artillery, and the woods helped turn the flank combats into bloody short range slugfests.

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