Monday, June 7, 2010

ACW Game - Battle of Chantilly

Initial Deployments

I'm getting more and more hooked on scenario writing.  This game was an adaptation of a Johnny Reb scenario based on the battle of Chantilly in 1862.  A photo "report" of the game follows...

USA forces at game start

CSA deployment.  CSA plan was to deploy the two left most brigades in column of route and zip through the Class II woods in order to flank the US position.  Things didn't necessarily work out that way.

Feds in the woods

Feds in the center.  The B&O railway lays behind the Federal center.

My far left CSA brigade gets a triple move and makes it to the Union flank, facing into their flank.  Time for a rebel yell!!!

Looking good for the CSA.  A brigade on the flank of the US, and 2 brigades advancing to their front

The two lead CSA regiments open fire and cause UI loss to the US regiment

More later...surprise pressure on the CSA brigade flanks!


  1. Like it. I'm aiming to do a Peninsular battle (1808) and was wondering how many units you need for a decent-sized game. Looks like roughly 9-10 as far as I can see. I'm thinking of basing four models to a single base.

  2. I think the smallest game we've played was around 9 units on a side. It will play just fine with small forces. I tend to collect armies with around 12 foot units plus supporting artillery and horse in proportion and find that to work out fine for just about all my needs.

  3. In a multi-player battle, would you then suggest about the same per player - i.e. 10 units roughly?