Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catching up on Basing

Well, since the week before Thanksgiving, I've painted or finished 12 infantry battalions and 1 artillery battery for my Napoleonic collection, an officer stand, as well as rebasing all of my ancients and medieval figures, plus basing 3 Soviet WW2 infantry companies.  That means finishing up stands on 39 units!    I was in a groove with the painting, so didn't want to distract that progress with finishing the bases.  Next up is getting cracking on the bases.

Here's 2/3 of the Napoleonic stuff, waiting for basing beauty.

Updates to follow as I work through this mountain of basing....


  1. The painted miniatures look great, the thick bases look promising.

  2. I'd be absolutely delighted if I could paint like you and at that output! I must invest in a good book to show me how to paint (and maybe a pair of Walgreens Gregs as well!). All the best for 2012!


  3. Nice figures; BTW, what are they based for? Interesting to see 3 figs per base. Best, Dean

  4. I base all of my stuff for Field of Battle (oddly enough, as I wrote them....). Number of figures per base is irrelevant in the rules. The three figures per base is a personal preference. I find 4 figures per base to look too organized, as my personal opinion is that nicely organized ranks went away in a hurry in combat. I like the jumbled, dynamic appearance that 3 figures per base provides.

    Its like landscaping....plant three bushes, not four!