Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I speak of "cheaters" for my eyes, and not wargame cheaters!

If you're like me (older than I care to admit, out of the target demographic, younger than old.....), you have reached or will reach the point where you're having problems picking up details on figures when you're painting them.  I do wear glasses or contacts, but don't need them for up close details.  However, this past summer I noticed that I was getting irritated painting, which was odd - I enjoy painting.

So - refusing to acknowledge time, I elected to forgo bifocals, and instead head to my trusty neighborhood pharmacy/convenience store (Walgreens!).   I went to the el cheapo magnifying eyeglass section, and experimented with different strengths until I found one that clearly focused on my hands with them held at my usual painting distance from my eyes.

The result? 

BINGO!  Complete success!!  All the details were instantly completely visible again, and my painting time was fun again. 

I asked my eye doctor if the above was an acceptable solution to him - he said "absolutely!" - no long term issues or effects on my eyes.

It can be a bit irritating if something catches my attention on the TV, etc, but I've perfected looking over the top of the lenses with the stern appearance of a 3rd grade teacher eyeing undesirable student behavior....

Here's a shot of the eyeglasses.  Stylish?  Not really....but a great solution for around $15.


  1. Wargamer's worst enemy? Cataracts. Fortunately I still have one functioning eye, but for how long... :(

  2. I know about this problem too. I now have to wear specks to paint, but after 40 odd years of painting little guys a guess is no wonder!

  3. So when are we going to have a photo of you with them on, Brent?


  4. I'll pass on the photo with me wearing them! Functional, not fashionable....

  5. What?!? No optivisor?? Apparently, not everyone likes to paint looking like a mad scientist. (Sniff).

    My wife actually thought my shop apron and Optivisor were a good look for me. I think that's because they made me look like a jeweler. :(

    Dave M

  6. While having my teeth cleaned, I noticed the hygienist wore cool mini-binoculars to wield her toolkit. Surgitel was the maker. So I googled the company and for a mere $700 I could once again maybe take up the brush... And perhaps clean my own teeth..