Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Team Name for Denver Broncos Proposed!

Let's see.  Another Sunday, another Broncos' loss.  This time to the SF 49rs, quite possibly one of the most ordinary, worst teams in the league.  At this point, I have to believe that the Broncos are the worst or next to worst team in the league.   I'm going to officially send a suggestion to Bronco headquarters that the team name be changed to "Denver Debacle", with a train wreck as the new logo.

I have no idea where to start....the defense is pathetic.  I have no idea what the defensive philosophy is.  The 49rs were starting a guy at QB that had only 2 other games under his belt, and made him look like an all pro in the 2nd half.   Knowing that the Niners wanted to run the ball, the Debacle played a vanilla 3-4 and didn't press the line of scrimmage.   It seems like any defensive coordinator with a brain cell remaining would have recognized the limitations of the Niners and played tight man coverage on the outside and 8 in the box to stop the run.  Not good old Wink!   Apparently, the Debacle needed to play a soft zone due to the passing excellence of Smith, or Jones, or whatever his name is.  Please.

Offensively, yet another statistically good game by Orton, who turned in an Ortonary performance on the scoreboard.   Orton specializes in racking up yards between the 20's, but seems paralyzed when it comes to pulling the trigger and making a play in the red zone.  He's athletically limited, and has no chance when a play breaks down. 

The Debacle goes into their bye week.   Or is that "bye bye" week to the season?

I see NO ALTERNATIVE to benching Ortonary and playing Tim Tebow.   I'm not saying he's ready to play, but he can't produce fewer wins than Orton, and the season is obviously over.  Time to season Tebow for next year.

The Nuggets and Avalanche are doing well though....


  1. Hi Brent

    I think to compensate for Denver being so poor you should go and finest FOB Ancients instead of putting yourself through the agony (I know just how you feel being a Liverpool FC supporter here in UK !!!)

    2 nice sets of Cheereleaders :-)


  2. I'm embarassed that the NFL exported that pair of teams to play in England. Yikes!

  3. Hi

    Both used to be good sides back when I watched NFL avidly (in days of the great John Elway) but not seen so much of late as now pay-per-view.

    They still drew a good crowd