Tuesday, October 26, 2010

France '40 Sample Figures

I had a few sample Battle Honors (25mm) figures on hand, so I thought I'd toss some paint on a couple and see how I liked them.  A couple of photos of the test follow below.

I "think" I like them.  The Battle Honors figures have a lot of animation, but are a bit trickier to paint because of some of the extra folds and creases included on the arms and legs.   My other option is to use Crusader, if I do this period.  From the photos I've seen, Crusader figures look to have relatively little animation...not sure what that would look like in unit groupings on stands.

"The Fall of France" arrived yesterday (by Julian Jackson).  A quick glance through it showed it to look pretty interesting.   I'll add that to the reading list.  Right now I'm reading "Soldiers and Ghosts" by J. E. Lendon.  Subtitled "A History of Battle in Classical Antiquity", I'm using it to get in the mood to finish up work on "Pulse of Battle".   Did I say finish??   

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