Thursday, October 14, 2010

1809 Game Report....ish

We played an 1809 French vs. Austrian game about a month ago - sorry I don't have a complete report, but I don't remember much of the game details!  

General Toby surveys the field (mmmmm....those French look tasty)

I'll try to add more photos in a later post....for some reason, Blogger doesn't want to cooperate with the file upload tonight.

I've been working on a few writing projects, but can't really talk about the details of those quite yet.   I've also been working on some terrain projects that will be the subject of future posts.

This 1809 game was supposed to be the first of a campaign.  I have to admit, I'm frustrated with expectations and realities of campaigns.   In theory, everyone loves a campaign.  In reality, there is usually not much participation except at game time.  Excessive record keeping, lack of participation, time lapses between games - all combine to kill campaigns.  I'm more and more convinced that the best campaigns are games that are tied together only because they're in the same period, and have random situation and force generation.  In other words, you show up and do the best with what you're given.  I wouldn't exactly call it a narrative campaign, and its not a ladder campaign - maybe a "thread" campaign.  Over time, the thread of the series of games weaves a story itself, based on the game results and slant of the actions.   We did an ACW campaign like this a couple of years ago, and it worked well.


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