Saturday, October 16, 2010

Common (Unfortunately) TMP Posts

I enjoy The Miniatures Page (TMP).  There are often posts that lead to investigations of things I wouldn't have imagined, or links to interesting sites, tips, book reviews, etc.   But....there are always the know which ones.....they go something like this:

I'm building a 28mm Napoleonic Spanish army for use with Volley and Bayonet, and I'm wondering what the best source of uniform information might be?

Spanish?  Why would anyone want to collect the Spanish?

I hate Volley and Bayonet.  I only play Shako.

Shako isn't any good.  If you're interested in a skirmish level game, try my new set on my web.  It's titled "Flashing Blades of Bloody Glory".

Skirmish?   You have to be an idiot to play skirmish games.  Tactical is the only way to play.   I think you're wrong using 28mm though.  Everyone knows that 10mm is the only way to go for massed games.   I use 10mm exclusively for my WW2 games.   See my blog for photos and a review I wrote myself of my new WW2 game "Hitler Drives a Big Tank".

You're all wrong!  Didn't you read his original post?   I think WAB is coming out with a WW2 set that would work for him.   Just don't use WRG - they suck.

He didn't even mention ancients.   I think Osprey has a book on the French or something.

Where can I get pikes for my Macedonians?

Does anybody know why acrylic paint dries up?

And so on.....


  1. The Miniatures Page? Why do you read that? I have started the "I like Reading My Own Voice Forum", far superior!

    Agreed, it's a shame and I have actually culled a lot of my Group/Forum memberships in the last few weeks because of the self same observation.


  2. Gave it up ages ago for all the reasons you state. Life's too short and you can blather on all you like on your own blog which others can then read... or not! The are a few other forums around where I find some really interesting stuff but mostly I seem to get the best interaction on the web though my blog and the many others I follow (like Matt's !) Plenty of inspiration to be had.

    I like your minis BTW - very nicely painted - (you guys do FPW too - that's also v cool!) and any posting about the Austrians kicking French butt gets my vote!


  3. TMP's pretty much the only miniature gaming related site I read (other than Yahoo groups dedicated to specific game systems). I just scan for posts talking about something I'm interested in. If the thread goes off on a tangent I just skim right over it. Not a big deal. I stay out of political discussions and usually only participate when someone asks a legitimate question about a ruleset I know (like FOB!).

  4. Acrylic paints? Why would you use acrylic paints? You can't be the blendability and coverage of oil points.

  5. I'm glad you mentioned acrylic paints. I'm only doing 25mm because they are so much better than 10mm. I wish Osprey did a book on Italians in WW2. What color of blue did the French wear?

  6. I like the new product announcements and rarely read other things. I do find when I am researching a new period (recently Wild West), I use the search function to find relevant information and websites.

    I couldn't figure out what the stifle function was until I got really upset over a post that was joking around about a casino at Gettysburg. I found that in using it I eliminated some of the most frequent and worthless posters (even if they do have some knowledge to share.) I may use it again. Some people just have too much time.....