Monday, November 8, 2010

Table Mess!

I doubt that I'm much different than most game table becomes a catch all in between games.  Here's a couple of photos of what it looks like now.

 As you can see, a bit of everything.  The terrain is generally set up for the next game, but not quite...need to finish some river sections.  WW2 armor being rebased shares the table with some ancients (PoB) and an Austrian Napoleonic battalion crossing a "river" (or where the river will be).

I'm currently working on new tree pieces, painting Austrian Napoleonic artillery batteries, and rebasing WW2 stuff.  Lots of fun, a variety of projects, and not a ton of progress on any of them!


  1. I like the gutter down the edge of the table for holding dice and rulers and assorted clunge that usually ends up on the tabletop during play.

  2. Hi

    Yes that guttering is nice idea. What is it ?

    My table tends to stay uncluttered between games but as for the rest of the room !!!


  3. My table is custom built (by me!). I got tired of dice, cups, cards, etc ending up on the table, so after the fact, I added the "gutter" on the two sides of the table. It is essentially just a 2x4 that is screwed to the trim face of the table, and then trimmed out with standard casing trim. Finished and painted, it blends right in with the table. That gives a 3 1/2 inch wide by roughly 10 foot space on each side of the table to hold "stuff".

  4. That's a very nice looking table!!

  5. Thanks! I like the ground cover "cloth" (actually the flocked back of indoor/outdoor carpet in my case). Unfortunately, in photos it shows up as golf course green - in reality there are quite a few shades and variations in it.

  6. My table looks just like this right now (actually much more messy, but with multiple projects around the edge of a game.) I love those 'gutters". I need to try those.