Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bunker/Dug In Markers

I've been dissatisfied with the version 1 markers I made to show "bunker" units in FoBWW2.  The version 1 marker was 3" wide to match the unit frontage, but beyond that it didn't do much visually for me.  Its the small piece in the photo below.

Version 2 is made to just drop the infantry unit into the marker...and bingo!  Instant dug in/bunker status.  The entrenchment is made of 3/4" wide quarter round epoxied to a plastic base.  I think they're a big step up in appearance.   AT guns will use the same thing, but adjusted to fit their stand.

I've sketched out a similar construction method for things like ACW entrenchments, horse and musket redoubts, and WW1 trenches.   I'll be making some up to see how they look and work.

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