Saturday, December 4, 2010

Austrian Generals and Artillery

Thought I'd take a few minutes to post some shots of my Austrian Napoleonic army's officer corps and artillery park.  I still want to add another battery or two of artillery, but I'm now working on cavalry (cuirassier).

That's all for now...lots of other projects underway as well...rules writing, terrain building, rebasing WW2 being completed.  More posts to follow.


  1. Those are rather nice. I like your painting style. I bought some AWI Brits in a similar style a while back and when the guy sent pics they were hi-res and with a 15mm fig filling the screen I wasn't too sure the style worked. Then I saw the figures in real life and they looked excellent! It's a good style to pull off, which you do. I often think my stuff looks better close up but that a lot of the details go when viewed at gaming distance.

    Nice basing as well! :)


  2. Are these layered on a black undercoat? It's a bit like the Foundry method isn't it? They look great. Heck, if I had any figures painted to ANY standard of late I'd be glad. Perils of having a young family.
    David Gordon

  3. Thanks for the nice comments! Up close my style does look "cartoony", but the figures "pop" on the table, which is what I'm after. Yes - 3 layers of color on a black primed basecoat. This is the most I've painted in a while, and it felt great!

  4. Hi Brent,

    Figures look great! Can I ask what do you use for the brown artillery uniforms?


  5. The Austrian brown jacket color uses a chocolate brown base coat over black primer, then burnt sienna, then raw sienna (I think....a reddish and then a lighter shade). The final highlight is just the last shade of sienna lightened up a bit with some off white/cream.