Sunday, December 26, 2010

Russo-Japanese Russian Modification

I'm still basking in the glow....the Broncos have fired McDaniels (a few weeks ago), Tim Tebow shows promise (played a very nice game for a rookie), and John Elway appears destined for a front office job on the football side of operations.   The corner hasn't been turned, but at least they know where the corner is now.

Anyway,  on to gaming.

I have a bunch of Boxer Rebellion Japanese and Russians from Old Glory (25mm) that will be used for the RJW.  Unfortunately, the Russians don't have bayonets.  Russians without bayonets?  Say it ain't so!!  The photo shows the original figures, plus the modified figures with bayonets added.  The bayonets are just brass rod filed to a slight point, then cut off with clippers with the butt end filed smooth.   Super glued onto the rifles and there you have it - bayonets.   I like the look better.  Quick and easy to do.


  1. I really like the painting of those OG Russians. I have the OG Japanese - painted in the early dark blue uniform. BTW, those are some thick bases - what rules will they be used for? I was thinking of using WH The Great War, or maybe modified Sharp Practice for smaller scale skirmish. Regards, Dean

  2. I like thick bases - they allow players to pick troops up by the base edges instead of by the figures. I also like the look - they look like game pieces, which is my intent. Its all a matter of personal choice, of course. As for rules, they'll be a variant of my "Field of Battle". I'm sure the other rules you mentioned would work fine as well. Sharp Practice has some neat concepts.