Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Franco-Prussian War Game Photos - 2009

Some photos from a Franco-Prussian War game from a year or so ago...I can't remember who won, although it was notable that the Prussians had one unit in enough of a bind that they formed square to repulse a charging French cavalry unit!


  1. Nice looking figures, I hope they're all wargaming books on the shelf!!

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  3. Hi

    Love the top pic with Prusians arrayed in attack columns with officers to fore :-)


  4. Yes - all "wargaming" books on the shelf. I have all my military history books organized by period (ancient, dark ages, early medieval, late medieval, Ren., TYW, ECW, WAS, SYW, FIW, AWI, Napoleonics, War of 1812, Mex American, Colonial, ACW, FPW/APW, WW1, WW2. I'm a book addict...