Sunday, January 9, 2011

1809 French vs. Austrian Game

This is the first game of 2011, and the first game in a couple of months due to holiday and family obligations.  It was the first time out of the chute for my "complete" (is there such a thing?) Austrian Napoleonic army.  The terrain also featured several new terrain pieces - tree and rock terrain pieces, roads, and rivers.   It made for a good looking game.  As I've done before - the game report will be done through photos.

Overview of the table at the start of the game.  The French plan was to sweep across the bottom of the photo and crush the Austrian right and then their central hill position, while essentially using the Bavarians as a pinning force vs. the Austrian left flank.

Austrians twittering in the woods on the Austrian left flank.

French left flank in the woods preparing to assault the Austrian right flank.

French center

Austrian left flank on Class II hill.  Primarily Hungarian infantry.

Bavarians step out sharply.


  1. Hi Brent

    Great looking figures and terrain as ever.

    Did you use FOB for this ?