Sunday, January 16, 2011

More 1809 Pictures

Continuing the game report ....(sorry for the delay - a rather hectic week at work, and here it is Sunday night and another week looming!).

The strong Austrian central position.  Two artillery batteries prepared to hand out some punishment.

General Toby appears to be leading from the rear.

French assault presses home on the Austrian right flank.  The French infantry battalion has suffered a 1 Unit Integrity loss as indicated by the casualty marker.

French artillery gaze in wonder as giant fingers from above lift members of their army.

Austrian cavalry (well, the one regiment of three that decided to make the march and appear in the battle) rout to the rear.  Why do all newly painted units perform so badly in their first battle??

The French assault closes in on the Austrian right flank.  Musket fire (smoke markers) covers the battle as casualties mount.

More later!


  1. Hi Brent

    Great looking figures as ever

    "Why do all newly painted units perform so badly in their first battle??"
    So it happens to yours as well ! Sadly I find it happens to newly painted armies too !! :-)

    BTW stop playing games and get Pulse of Battle finished :-)


  2. Nice units and great photo's!!
    A couple of years ago mate postie, painted up the 4th Wisconsin for the ACW, Fire & Fury rules, on it's first battle it refused to move for all turns except the last go where I moved around 1/8 of an inch to far, putting them in both artillery and musket range, they lost a couple of stands and routed, to this day whenever he fields them, you here them immortal words, "Oh s**t we've got the Wisconsin boys" and our own morale drops straight away.

  3. At least the one Austrian cav unit (in the photo) decided to show up for the battle. I'm finishing up a scenario/situation system and this was a test of it. 2 of the 3 newly painted cavalry units didn't make it to the battle! Probably raiding defenseless farms in search of forage and chickens....they have to now overcome the shirker stigma....