Sunday, January 23, 2011

1809 Game - End Game Photos

Wrapping up the game photos of our 1809 French vs. Austrian FoB game.   The French crushed the Austrian right flank and converged on the hill in the center of the position.  The Austrian left flank was quiet throughout the game, with the Austrians positioned on a tough Class III hill/woods position overlooking a Class II river, with the Bavarians facing them electing to stay in one piece rather than get shredded attacking such a difficult position.

Bavarians in the woods.  

Bavarians next to the woods.

From left to right:  John, Terry, Ed.  John and Terry are showing their Austrian officers that just failed their survival tests.....Ed seems glad to be on the flank.

Bavarians by a river.

The French move in on the Austrian center while the Bavarians shield the right flank.

Crisis for the Austrians in the center.

The French crush the center.  Only the gun batteries remain as the French surge up the hill.

Fun game, but the French really smacked the Austrians.  The scenario generation gave the French a 30% numerical advantage.  The Austrians spread their commands out fairly evenly, resulting in 1/3 of their army never being engaged.  The French used their Bavarian allies to shield that portion of the army, and then methodically crushed first the Austrian right flank and then the center.  A crushing victory for the French, who ended up with only 2 fewer Army Morale Points than they started the game with.