Saturday, March 28, 2015

ACW Campaign Battle 3: Battle of Munster Creek

We played battle 3 of our ACW campaign today.  The Battle of Munster Creek was another crushing US victory.  I have never seen a roll of crushing victories like the US has been on.  Three battles to start the campaign, and 3 crushing US victories.  Or is that 3 crushing CSA defeats??

Some photos from the battle:

The battlefield for Munster Creek

The tabletop battlefield for Munster Creek with troops waiting for battle

Solomon Meredith urges his troops forward

Cadmus Wilcox discusses what's for lunch

US Command eagerly prepares to pounce on the CSA army
CSA batteries on center hill....never fired a shot!

So - game 3 of the campaign is complete, with the campaign hanging in the balance for the CSA.  I think Confederate paper money is likely at an all time low.....


  1. Good looking game! Nifty computer generated map too. What did you use to create it?

  2. Beautiful table and troops, Brent!

    So what accounted for the ndrubbing the Southerners took? Outnumbered? Lack of cover? Cold Dice? Poor battle plan? All the above?

  3. I created the map in PowerPoint, and then saved it as a ppt as well as jpg. This is 5 games in a row that the CSA has had their hat handed to them. Some bad luck, some poor decisions (attacking cover), lack of artillery/use of artillery, bad battlefields for their plans, ....pretty much anything and everything!

    1. Read Greg's AAR, which explains the defeat in more detail as well!

  4. Nice looking game with splendid figures!

  5. What a fantastic looking game. I love the look of the miniatures. Inspiring post!
    Mike B