Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Battle of Bentley's Crossing - ACW Campaign Battle

About a week and a half ago, we played the first "official" game of our new ACW campaign.  As in the first couple of practice games, the Confederates were once again crushed.   The Federal army executed a heavy flank attack (Federal left, Confederate right) that chewed up the Confederate right and effectively won the battle.  Some photos of the battle below.  I apologize that I don't have more, but I neglected to take many photos - I was too distracted with the combination of watching the game and being pestered by our Jack Russell terrier (terror!), Toby.

 Battlefield at the start of combat, after initial deployments.  The large Federal flank force is at the bottom right of the photo.
 Closer photo of the flanking US division.
 When it rains it pours!  More US forces cave in the CSA right flank.
 This way!  No - that way!  US routers flow past an advancing unit in good order.
 CSA right flank grimly faces the upcoming Federal assault.
 Beep beep!  Traffic jam on the CSA left flank.
 Federal artillery in the center.
Federal infantry positioned in the center behind the river.

I continue to refine "A Bold Enterprise", the Field of Battle campaign system.  A few more tweaks as a result of this game/campaign process, and it has moved much closer to a finished, developed, game product.


  1. I like your game photos and understand the distractions present during games.

    What was the outcome of this battle? Was the Rebel flank crushed and the Federals went on to sweeping victory?

  2. Yes - the Confederate right flank held for quite some time, (partially due to a Federal brigade that kept stumbling and not moving!), but the weight of numbers told and the CSA lost the battle.

  3. Fantastic figures and terrain, makes me want to start ACW now!!! Great Job.

  4. Looking forward to this Campaign system for FOB