Monday, March 2, 2015

These guys, Those Guys

I finished up my new set of unit label tags for my ACW armies for the game this past Saturday.  An example of them is shown below:

Here we see Richard Ewell inspiring the 48th Mississippi.

Visually, they are significantly better than the usual black background with white numbers that I normally use.  However, the unit ratings are a bit smaller to allow room for the unit and leader names.  Since the primary purpose is to quickly and easily identify the unit's ratings and the leader's rating, this can sometimes be an issue.

The biggest problem I noted in the game is that players NEVER referred to the unit or officer name in the game.  It was never "the 48th Mississippi is firing at...", or "Ewell moves to the 50th Georgia to attempt a rally....".   Instead it was "these guys are going to move up and melee those guys" and "this guy is going to roll for movement".

That makes those hours of preparing, printing, mounting and trimming the labels look like a dubious investment in energy....

So - my question - in your experience do players ever refer to units by name?  Or do they just ignore that in the heat of battle and just refer to "these guys" and "those guys"?


  1. Sometimes I refer to commanders and units as to who they are, but mostly in games it's usually "This commander" and "that unit" moves here etc. However, when writing up a battle report I get more specific.


  2. Depends but only Guard/Elite types seem to get 'named' consistently not the standard or poorer types (well unless they roll high. Players might not call the names but I bet they like to have the name all the same :-)

  3. Only by type ("the Genzer", "the Cuirassiers") except for unique units obvious by their uniform "The Gendarmes d' Elite", The Neufchatel Battalion"".

    Officers are more often referred to by name especially if the name is printed on the label.

  4. Units in play seem only to be mentioned by name if they are easily identifiable on the table top by their uniform. Of course, in solo plays, I try to take the time to note specific units.

    Officers are almost always called out as personalities.

  5. I've only noticed when it is someone's favourite unit (one he painted himself and knows its history). Where it comes into its own, however, is if you photograph your battle reports (as you do, Brent) thus offering the potential for recording whatever heroic, battle-winning or shamefaced contribution each unit made to the game.