Monday, May 4, 2015

"Destructive and Formidable" - A Quick Review

"Destructive and Formidable, British Infantry Firepower 1642-1765" - here's the briefest of reviews:

Brilliant.  Buy this book.  Don't wait and let it go out of print if you are at all interested in the ECW and tricorne periods.  This is a fabulous, detailed study of doctrinal development of British infantry firing systems over a century and a quarter.  Buy this book!

I now have a clear vision in mind for modeling the ECW period for my Field of Battle "module" for the ECW.

Did I say that you should buy this book?   What are you doing.....go buy this book!

A link to the book at Amazon:


  1. Dang it! Another book added to my collection!

  2. I didn't need much persuasion...I hadn't realised that it covered the ECW period too until I read what you said - have just ordered now! :-)