Monday, May 11, 2015

And Stuff - an NFL Post

So reality finally comes back and bites Tom Brady, Bill Belicheat, Kraft and the Patsies.

A 4 game suspension for Mr. "I can't grip a ball like a grownup" and lost draft choices and a fine for the organization.

Not enough.

Not by a long shot.

This is an organization, rotten from the ownership down to the player level.  Owners are not blind to rule infringements by their coaches.  Coaches are not blind to rule infringements by their players.  Equipment personnel don't make equipment decisions on their own.

It should have been a season for Brady, and time off for Belicheat as well.

After Kraft's pompous demand that the league offer him and his team an apology for daring to investigate the matter of deflated balls, I think this fat windbag now owes the other 31 NFL owners an apology, for, well, being a fat windbag that is an arrogant ass.

Does anyone find it odd that 4 games into last season, Brady had terrible statistics?  That he seemed to have lost his arm strength?  That the passes weren't hitting the receivers?  Suddenly all became well and he turned into the Super Bowl MVP?   Hmmmm.   Coincidence?  I think not.

This team and organization sickens me.  They've repeatedly skirted the rules and stretched the system to win. They've made a mockery of the game and the league that I, and millions upon millions of others, love.

What a disgusting group of scumbags.   They truly deserve each other.

My personal protest is to NEVER buy Gillette razors or blades.  Schick, Schick, Schick.  I wouldn't want a penny of my money filling the fat windbag's pockets.


  1. I think that Proctor & Gamble bought Gillette a few years ago and Kraft has nothing to do with it anymore. That said, your assessment of Mr. Kraft is accurate. A team reflects its owner.