Saturday, June 25, 2011

Napoleonic Game - French vs. Austrians

We're playing another Napoleonic game tonight, using Field of Battle 2nd edition rules.  We'll see if the French have better luck this time.  The tabletop map is shown below.

The woods on the flanks are Class II, the L shaped woods on the French center/baseline is Class III, as is the small town of Obere Stadt.  Both hills are Class II.  The rivers are in fact pretty minor streams, and I'm treating them as "Class I Streams", a house rule which would force units only to stop on contact for that move segment.  The streams are pretty must be the dry season around Obere Stadt.

On another topic, I've been traveling heavily in June (and out more next week), so I haven't achieved much on the painting front.  But I have made some progress basing units for Pulse of Battle (the ancients version of Field of Battle).  My Macedonian army is pretty much complete except for some lights and officer figures. 

We've been playing European theatre games for quite a while now....I feel the need for an ACW bash coming up.


  1. Hi

    Great to hear Pulse Of Battle is coming along and also looking forward to FOB2 (your killing me with all these battle reports !!)


  2. The game wrapped up about an hour ago; a nail biter to the end. The winning side had 2 Army Morale Points left...