Monday, June 6, 2011

1809 Game June 4 (FoB2) Game Start

On to the game.  As I mentioned in the previous post, the Austrians were in a position to catch an outnumbered Franco-Bavarian army and do some damage.  Unfortunately for the Austrians, they were up against an army, that while numerically inferior, had significant leadership and troop quality advantages.

The French are stacked in and behind the town; Bavarious in the woods.  The entire force is sandwiched into the left 1/3 of the table.  The French decided (correctly!) that they had little business in advancing into an attack on the Austrians.

The Austrians deployment.  A significant portion of their army is deployed to the far end of the table.  "Time to march Boys!"   A UFO hovers over the river at the center of the Austrian army...

The Austrians from that far flank muddle their way toward the river.   That's just plain ugly.

Austrian Hussars lead the way for the wayward left flank force.

Austrian infantry advance.  I have to admit...I love the way Austrian armies look.  I have SYW and 1859/66 Austrians, and I love 'em all.   The white uniforms really sparkle with the facing colors.

Austrian cavalry from the flank force makes its way forward.

The Austrian center at the river.  These are my new river squares...I found that I just couldn't get used to rivers and roads on top of the ground cloth...too much sliding around and dissarray.  

The French are waiting.....

More photos to follow as the battle continues.


  1. Great figures and very nicely painted!!

  2. Agree about the eye catching qualities of Austrians, but then just about all armies are rather pretty in this period no ?

  3. Wonderful photos. Great painting.