Sunday, June 5, 2011

1809 Game - June 4 (Field of Battle 2nd Ed.)

Played an 1809 game last night; Austrians vs. a French/Bavarian allied army using Field of Battle 2nd Edition (whew!  It feels good to be able to publicly mention FoB2).  The set up favored the Austrians, giving them a decided advantage in initial set up and army strength.  Pretty good considering how bad most of their officers were (nearly all D8s).  The French had a quality advantage, but were outnumbered by around 30%.  I'll include some photos of each army prior to the start of the game:

Bavarian Contingent

French Contingent, Infantry and Artillery

French Cavalry - Dragoons and Chasseurs

Austrian Infantry and Artillery (Hungarian regiment on the left; Grenadier battalion in upper left)

Austrian Cavalry

More game photos to follow.  This was also the first game with my new terrain squares; I was really happy with how they worked and looked.  More on those later as well.

We had a great, long ride today.  Beautiful warm day, with no wind.   Absolutely perfect weather for a ride!


  1. Nice looking figures.......& bikes!

  2. Glad you cas finally let the FoB2 cat out of the proverbial bag, Brent!

  3. Love the figures llok forward to seeing more pics.

    Roll on FOB2 :-)