Monday, January 18, 2010

Vinyl Tile for Terrain Items

Just a quick post for now.  I use heavy duty industrial grade vinyl tile (12"x12") for quite a few terrain items - roads, rivers, town sections, woods areas.   I'll post separately to describe how I make the different pieces.  For now, here are a couple of shots of the material.

This is the box the tiles come in.  I buy mine at Home Depot.  Tiles cost around $.50 each. Eat your wheaties before you pick up the box.  Individually the tiles aren't heavy...but we're talking about a box full of solid vinyl.   The box is heavy....

I use the tan"ish" tiles.  They hold paint well and give a good base to take most colors.

More in a later post!


  1. I will look forward to these tutorials.


  2. I'm eager to hear the rest, too, and I'm also interested in finding out what you've been using to label your bases. Specifically, I like what you did with the 1859 game photos you've posted.

    I used your basing tutorial for my Perry French, and hope to have some photos on my blog soon.

  3. I will be following this blog in future...

  4. Hello

    nice stuff quite versatile..I also game and have been building an army of 1100MBTs and AFVs and about 200 TAC and Strategic air all in 1:285...

    I have lots of foam from 30 plus yrs of doing this and saving appliance pkging for hills and buildings...

    I also do the Sudan campaign ,circa 1898 in 15mm so I have a need for "desert Buildings..I bought some from the UK but need to make others.. from the foam and essentially from scratch.. Plans for a partial build of space permits..I saw this great tip on sand texturing desert or SW Asia buildings using Resene sandcastle paint...Its made in NZ and its horrendoulsy $$$ to ship..Haz mat I need another method of sand texturing desert buildinds.... sand glueMix?...or flexpaste sand mix w color added...this Resene paint looked ideal..even to ship to the US..but rip off shipping costs by govt fiat..

    any suggestions..I noticed your houses looked fine as did the stone walls



  5. Thanks for the comments - it gives me lots of ideas for new blog posts! I hope to add a new post tonight...we'll see how things work out with my schedule.