Thursday, January 14, 2010

1859 Battle Report - Final

Continuing the battle's photo report.....

"I'm sure I used to have a Command Group over here"

Austrian infantry on Class I hill takes some UI losses and falls back

Fall back??  That's a rout!

The Austrians have broken the French defence of the ridge

Vied from the French side.   That sure is a lot of white coming this way!

General Shockey needs longer arms

Austrians on the bridge!  Austrians on the bridge!

Austrians stream for the bridge as the Austrian brigade clears the ridge (photo, top)

French reserves move forward to plug the hole

And....Austriams streaming to the rear!

Soon after this point, the Austrian players lost their own personal morale as their army went to 0 AMPs.  The French only had 1 AMP left when the Austrians hit 0 AMP (unknown to the Austrians).  The Austrians forfeited the game...and seemed surprised that they had the French so close to folding. 

An interesting game.  I'm getting intrigued by "bathtubbing" and scaling an historical battle down and trying to capture some key elements.  I think it is more an art than a science, and I claim no expertise at this point.  I look forward to getting better at it, though....


  1. Interesting, you are using the same pet shop bridge as I am going to use for my 1859 game. What a coincidence.

    Eric Elder

  2. Lovely set up-where did you get the flags (or are they your own)?



  3. That bridge cost me all of $1, picked up at a clearance sale at WalMart. I have other "less dramatic" bridges, but I like this one too. Feels great to take something not originally intended for wargaming and make it a useful game item.

  4. The Austrian flags are actually Napoleonic flags that Wargames Soldiers & Strategy magazine published in an included flyer around a year ago. The French flags are mine - painted by me.

  5. Those Austrian Flags are fantastic! I get mine from the napflags site, and I reckon they're pretty good, but, if they're 8s yours are 10s!
    Superb stuff!

  6. Beautiful set up and marvelously painted figures. Dean

  7. just found your blog; I like the 1859 battle very much; great pictures of very good figures. As this war is on my list; which rules do you use?
    jan bruinen

  8. Jan -

    The rules are "Field of Battle", available through Piquet. For full disclosure - I wrote "Field of Battle" and I'm an owner of Piquet Inc.