Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1859 Battle Report Continued

Austrian Infantry Advance

Austrian Right Flank Advances Over Class I Hill

French Infantry Defending "Sunken Lane"

Austrians Pressure End of the Ridge Defending the Bridge

French Commander of Two Infantry Battalions Defending the Bridge

French Defending the Bridge (those are some BAAAAAD Dudes.....)

Austrian attack suffers losses (3 UI on front unit)

More to follow!


  1. Very nice Brent, but I want to know who in the world would attack with three units one behind the other. Are they all in Line formation?

  2. That would be General Chris in charge of that Austrian assault. The Jaegers in the front line are in line, with each battalion behind them in attack column. It actually worked quite well. The Jaegers took some punishment, but were good enough to hang in there. The Austrians actually drove the French off of the ridge/woods.

  3. I have just discovered your blog, excellent stuff! The painting standard (and 19th century postings) are first class!



  4. Matt -

    You are obviously a man of great taste.


  5. Brent, excellent layout and beautiful figures. Who is the manufacturer of your 1859 collection?

  6. The Austrians are Battle Honors. I really like the infantry and artillery. Not as big of a fan of the cavalry, but they were the only option when I started the army. The dragoons/cuirassier are the absolute least favorite figures I own. The lancers and hussars are OK to nice, but not as good as Foundry.

  7. Thanks, Brent. I'm beginning my own 1859 project in 15mm. Having recently walked the battlefield of San Martino, my initial goal is to refight that as a start.