Friday, April 25, 2014

FPW Game

I've been a bad, bad, blogger.  I've been busy with various things, and something had to give.  In this case, it has been the blog.   We've had pretty regular game sessions, but my blogging hasn't kept pace. 

In fact, we're playing game 3 in a Franco-Prussian War campaign this Saturday.  So far, game honors are 1 for the Prussians (10VP), and 1 for the French (6 VP).

The last game was a French victory - a few photos follow below:

Prussian Commanders (left to right):  Greg C., Terry, Eric
French Commanders (left to right):  Ed, Greg R., John (Mumbasa)

So - we're on to game 3 of the campaign this Saturday.  I have a pretty robust campaign system that I've developed that seems to work well.   All I need to do is write it up and complete the card deck artwork, and it could be ready as a product.   The beauty of the system is that it doesn't take any substantial time to do, you resolve the process for the next game immediately after you finish the present game, and it creates ongoing battles and unit character.   I'm really happy with it.

On a final note, I've cracked the problem with Blogger.   Use Google Chrome!   No problems when using the "right" browser - no problem loading photos, etc.   So, with that irritation solved, I'll try to post more frequently.


  1. Hi Brent
    Will this new Campaign system replace TOB ?
    Sounds interesting

  2. The new campaign system is much simpler than ToW. ToW is a self contained game, where the new system is an additional "feature" to be used with Field of Battle.

  3. Yes, I came to the conclusion that Blogger was best handled using the Chrome Browser (and Google Documents/Google Drive) about 3 years ago... :-)

    Looking forward to seeing more about the campaighn system!


  4. Your Foundry FPW French are outstanding!

  5. Sounds great Am always in favour of the KISS principle for such 'add ons'