Tuesday, March 11, 2014

1809 Game

It's been a while since my last post - too little time due to work and other hobby priorities.

We had a nice 1809 game, with tweaks to Field of Battle 2 that I wanted to try. Turns out that the tweaks really didn't do much, which reinforces my belief that FoB2 is pretty robust already.

In the game, the French were facing an uphill struggle, as they were considerably under the initial morale point total of the Austrians. Additionally, while outnumbered in units, the Austrians had the advantage of an initial deployment in a strong position.

The French gave it a go, but ultimately ran out of morale points as they tried to press an attack on the town on the Austrian right flank. Good game, but not a close one!

Some photos from the game:

Austrians defend to the left, as the French press the attack on both flanks.

Austrian artillery defends the bridge linking the towns.
Hmmm.  Can't seem to get Blogger to upload more photos - I'll post later when I might have more luck.


  1. Always good to see FoB games at Chez Brent. More photos are always welcome but no worries if time (or Blogger) is against you, because (as you may know), Greg has posted a nice report (see Wargames History link) with loads of beautiful pics.


  2. Great looking layout and terrain. Dean

  3. Lovely looking game. That first, overview photo is a ripper!