Sunday, July 14, 2013



I've finally decided that I have a lot of stuff.

Wargame stuff.

History books, reference works.....stuff.


I've organized, sorted, sifted.

I've given away stuff.   I've thrown stuff away.

And yet, I still have a lot of stuff.

How did I get all this stuff?   Where did it come from?

Do I really think I'll read a book about the South American War of the Pacific?

I think I've reached the point where I'm very likely done buying figures for new periods.  Why?   I don't need any more!   I have, painted and unpainted, listed chronologically:

Republican Romans
Early Germans
Late Romans
War of the Roses
English Civil War
Great Northern War
Seven Years War
American War of Independence
Napoleonics (British, French, Austrian, Prussians, Spanish, Russians, Portuguese)
American Civil War
Franco Prussian
Austro Prussian
Russo Japanese
Mahdist Wars
Zulu Wars
Plains Indian Wars
Early WW1 (British, French, German, Russian)
Late WW1 (British, French, German, US)
Early WW2 (French, German)
Early WW2 Desert
Late WW2 (USA, Soviet, German, UK)

Stuff.   Lots of stuff - all 25mm.  62 plastic shoe boxes of unpainted stuff.  

Oh sure...I'll buy more stuff.   But its fill in stuff - the odd support weapon or unusual troop type needed (yeah right - needed) to fill out an OB.

Books?   My collection in books mirrors the figure collection above.    Sorted, sifted, given away, thrown away.    My books feel like family.   

Where is this blog post going?

I don't know.   I just have a lot of stuff.


  1. "Where is this blog post going?"

    If this is an outreach for support, you are not alone, my friend!

    Fellow lots of stuff sufferer,

  2. If you didn't you would have to change your Blog title which seems like too much upheaval to me !!

    Better this sort of stuff than too many stamps/butterflies/wives/wine bottles/sports cars/jail sentences or the other myriad of items manly types accumulate :-)

  3. I guess having reached a point of equilibrium with my stuff, I find it somewhat liberating. I am clearly not a target market for figure manufacturers. I don't care about the new range of ACW, or Napoleonics, or plastics, or....

    I plan on embarking on a monthly sorting process through my stuff.....I'll feel more in control that way!

  4. Yeah, I feel your pain. And my upcoming trip to Historicon is only likely to increase my stuff-ness.

  5. I think Gary's (Sarge) last paragraph is the key. :-)

    My unpainted lead pile is quite small, but aside from my plans to do Napoleonic British and Spanish armies, I think I am also nearing the point where I also see mostly fill in, etc, and not much in the way of new armies or periods.

    At least that's true today...


  6. I know exactly how you feel but still can't resist more stuff!