Monday, July 22, 2013

Off-Board Assets

A quick post of my first painted off-board assets - a pair of US 105mm artillery pieces (Old Glory/Westwind) and a pair of German 75mm Infantry guns (Blacktree).

I really like the OG/WW guns and crew....and the Blacktree Design, well, less so.   The BTD crew just look a bit odd to me - the helmets aren't quite "right".  But, they look functional for what I need in my games, so there they are!

Today I received 3 German 105mm artillery pieces and crew from Warlord Games.   Great looking castings.   I think I'll be ordering some 120mm mortars for some heavier battalion support weapons from them as well.


  1. I'll have to bring over my Nebelwerfer! I, too, have some cool off board stuff. I like the looks of them!

  2. A Nebelwerfer! I think I'll have to expand the impact area!!!

    I did order some 120mm mortars for the Germans....and a Hetzer.

    More stuff.