Saturday, March 31, 2012

War of the Roses

I'm getting back to working on "Pulse of Battle", the upcoming FoB based Ancient/Medieval game.   I always try to immerse myself in reading of the period(s) when I'm working on rules - just gets me in the mood, as well as helping to pick up bits and pieces of detail.

I'm currently reading "Fatal Colours" by George Goodwin, dealing with the background of the WotR, up to the battle of Towton 1461   I'm about 1/2 through it, and it is a fascinating and well done book.   This is the first time I've spent too much effort looking at the background of the conflict, and it is certainly convoluted.   With motives seemingly focused on attaining power, influence, revenge....its almost more like a gang or mafia story!

I wonder - why haven't there been any recent movies or mini-series about the WotR?   It would seem tailor made for an extended series - think of the personalities, the back stabbing, the intrigue and plotting, the battles.   Wow!  Come on HBO!

Anybody out there have a favorite movie or book about the WotR?   Any favorite personalities?

Below:  A command stand for my WotR armies in progress....


  1. Troops look great...Pulse of Battle work is even more terrific!!!

  2. I'm currently reading 'The Wars of the Bruces' - a different era, of course, from the WotR - having just finished 'The Rises and Falls of the Royal Stewarts.' Its when you read books like that and the one you are reading, you quickly realise how medieval mafia society is. I find it certainly helps to think of The Godfather movies to better understand the motives of the main characters in these books.