Sunday, March 18, 2012

Game 2 of Peninsula Campaign

We played game 2 of 3 in our Peninsular campaign last night - a hard fought French victory.   The battlefield was unusual in that a Class II river wound through the middle of the table.  The British decided to agressively position the bulk of their army on the French side of the river, defending the thin band of woods along the river.   The British were surprised when the French opted for the massed assault in the center.   I may be wrong, but I think the British were hoping the French would elect to attack either flank, which would give them the freedom to move out of their center position and flank the anticipated French assault.   The French roughly handled the British artillery and punched a hole through the defensive line, clear to the river.   A single Portuguese infantry regiment managed to stem the tide and most likely kept the battle from being a crushing French victory.   While the assault was going in on the center, the British and French fought a bitter struggle in the woods on the flank.   The British/Allied army suffered heavier losses, and ended up failing their first Army Morale test.    Great game, great friends - great time!

Some photos from the game action:

French command ponders a tactical dilemma.....

General Shockey leaps into action with his cavalry on the British left flank


  1. But what about the Spanish!??!!
    General Mumby who missed the battle

  2. The Spaniels followed up Greg Rold's advance on the French left flank. They just crossed the bridge in the last photo that also shows a Brit fleeing the woods.

    While Brent mentions the lone Portuguese unit stemming the French tide, it must be mentioned that the French general commanding the attack, a 12 rating, was felled just as his troops reached the river.

  3. Ah yes...I'd forgotten the seemingly regular ocurrence of Tony getting his general popped just at the worst moment. He's consistent!

  4. The figures are extremely well painted!!!!

    Are they all 28 mm?

    Which rules set are you using?



  5. Figures are a mix of Old Glory, Elite, Sash and Saber, and Wargames Foundry, all 25-28mm. We're using "Field of Battle, 2nd Edition", available from Piquet. In the spirit of full disclosure.....I'm the majority owner of Piquet, and the author of FoB 2nd edition.

  6. Brent,

    The game looks great. Great figures and a great table. And a French Peninsular win to boot! Colorado has to be on my retirement location list if only for the gaming!

    Dave Maupin

  7. Shhhhh.....don't tell people how beautiful Colorado is....too many people have moved here already! I suppose we can squeeze in a few more gamers.