Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Promise for more frequent posts!

I've been lax in posting to the blog recently....well, more like most of 2011.   I'm not sure why; I enjoy the act of creating the posts.   I often just run out of time and quite frankly, just forget to update the blog.

Some items I'll be posting about:

1.  Broncos beat Raiders 38-24.   HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.    Did I mention how much I despise the Raiders?   The Broncos run for 299 yards, and bully the bully.   In your face Raiders!   Even better that they did it while playing in Oakland.    I have no idea how the Tim Tebow experiment will end (although I suspect it will end as an experiment), but he has more than proven that he is a very tough guy and a competitor to the end.

Guess I don't have to blog about that again.....

2.   Painting technique experiments, WW2 Soviet painting, etc.

3.  Build example of my terrain squares

4.  How I build houses for my games.

5.  Book reviews

6.  Historical movie reviews.

7.  Photos of our dogs in goofy Halloween outfits.   Oh wait - see below.   Now I don't have to do that again.


  1. Although fun, blogging is a lot of work! I'd say it takes me 3-4 hours for average post to mine. Your topics lists sounds good, Brent!

  2. Bailey is the Westie - she's a sweetie. Toby is the Jack....and he's....not a sweetie, but affectionate when he wants to be.


  3. Last year, my wife dressed Toby, the Jack, in an elf outfit for Christmas. He had way too much fun wearing the outfit...tassles, bells,...not that there's anything wrong with that.