Sunday, November 20, 2011

FoBWW2: Follow Me! Game Last Night

We (Greg C., Greg R. as Germans; Terry and Tony as Russians/Soviets) played another devlopmental game of Follow Me! last night.  Tony generated the scenario - a Russian force of around a company and a half, with 2 T34/85's arriving late defending a fairly open terrain - Class I hills, a couple of town areas.  A tough place to make a stand....

The Germans had around 2 to 2 1/2 companies of infantry, including a PanzerGrenadier platoon mounted in halftracks, 2 Panthers, and 2 Stugs. 

The Germans focused the armor and PzGrenadiers on their right flank, planning to loop through a wooded area and collapse the Soviet left flank.   This worked, with some losses on the open hill top.   In the end, the German force was too much for the Soviets, and the Soviet morale failed and they withdrew to fight another day.

Some game photos:

Captain Toby stands mesmerized and focused on a box of cookies brought by Greg C.

Soviet command staff (Tony, left; Terry, right) discuss the smoke in front of their forces outside the town, while noting the German assault force (right corner of the photo).

German assault force musters out of line of sight from the Soviet scum in the town.

Soviets on a hill.   They would soon vacate the hill as it was saturated with artillery and mortar fire.

Assault over the hill and onto the Soviet left flank.

Single platoon of Soviet scouts facing the German assault force.

Germans mopping up the Soviet force.

Captain Toby remains at his post, attempting to use a combination of Jack Russell/Jedi Knight mind control to will the cookies to move over to him.

All in all, I'm very happy with where the rules are.  A few tweaks here and there, and I think they are pretty close to done.


  1. Great looking game, did poor Capt Toby jedi mind tricks work, was he rewarded for standing to attention for the whole game, I do hope so. That did make me laugh!!

  2. Capt. Toby was rewarded with cookie bits throughout the evening. He never gave up his quest of obtaining the entire box, but life isn't always fair....


  3. Great looking game,
    Send my regards to Capt Toby. Not often you see a dog into wargaming but I suppose if any dog would be keen on a tussle it would be a Jack Russell.

    I had a wee JR when I was a lad and she wanted to scrap with every big dog in the area.
    Great dogs (despite training!).
    loved her to bits.