Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why does it always suck?

This blog title comes directly from Eric Miller in last night's game, as he watched the Austrian army that he was part of get thrashed by an outnumbered French army (1809).  Eric seems to have been on a losing run, and has seen his share of difficulties in getting his commands into action and successful.  In last night's game, Eric commanded the Austrian cavalry on their left flank.  Everything was going well, (on that flank) as his cavalry bore down on two lone French infantry battalions that had hurriedly deployed into square.  At about that time, a mixed Command Group of one each cavalry/artillery/infantry units appeared to his left flank, arriving onto the battlefield late in the battle.  After taking fire, getting meleed, and seeing the sweeping Austrian attack blunted....Eric said "Why does it always suck?".

On to the battle report!

The center of the Austrian army, deployed on a Class II ridge

 French right/center - Bavarians in the woods in the center of the photo

 Closeup of the Austrian artillery on the ridge in the center of the Austrian army

Austrian cavalry brigade on the Austrian left flank

The Austrians outnumbered the French by 30% at the start of the game, and had a significant Army Morale Point advantage (20 to 13).

More to follow.

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  1. Looks like a good game. I love the photo of the massed Austrian artillery. Nice one!!