Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why does it always suck? Part 3

On to the final report of the last game - 1809 Austria/France.

The shredding of the Austrian right flank begins.  Genl. Caudill's French close on Genl. Shockey's Austrians.

Huh?  What?  After marching off the center ridge, the bulk of the Austrian army stops, turns around and marches back up the ridge.

Meanwhile, the French continue to pound the Austrian right flank.

Genl. "Speed Bump" Shockey's Hungarians, stiffened by artillery form square and prepare for cavalry.

Left to right:  "Speed Bump" Shockey, "Woodland" Mumby, "Let it be noted that I wasn't here when this plan was made" Miller.

The final throes of Speed Bump's command.

There's fewer of Speed Bump's command than there were just a while ago...

Anyway - that's the game!  The French were outnumbered by about 30% - the Austrians started with 20 army morale points and the French started with 13 army morale points.  At the end of the game, the Austrians were at 0 and failed army morale, while the French still had around 10 army morale points.  The Austrians fought the bulk of the battle with a badly outnumbered right flank and the mass of the army effectively sat out the battle on the ridge...then off the ridge....then back on the ridge.  The Austrian left flank cavalry brigade looked to be in a threatening position, but the timely arrival of French forces staved off their assault.   Another crushing French victory!

Meanwhile - my current project is a pretty massive terrain effort.  More of that later.


  1. Gen. Mumby here:
    I was going to take my Austrians off the hill to try to help Gen. Shockey stave off the French. I would have taken cannon and musket fire and could have been charged on my open left flank. Lots of morale chips!!! The right flank was crumbling faster than we thought. So, I marched my troops back up the hill to form a line to stop the disaster on the right flank. Just as I got into position, we failed our morale test.

  2. Is that the explanation that you'll be giving to the Emperor? I'd blame it on Speed Bump. He didn't hold the flank against the whole French army. :)

  3. You definitely blame it on Speed Bump because he probably died in battle and can't refute your claims.

  4. Ah the post-match blame game one of Wargamings great events :-)

  5. Ah, so now we have reached the 'Acrimony Phase'.
    Often the best part of the banter.


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  7. Let's try that again.
    Gen. Mumby here:
    I can't blame it on "Speed Bump." He is our driver for the next game at Brent's house, and I want a ride home!!!!