Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hagelberg Part III

Continuing the battle report:

Prussians close on the French right flank

French cavalry charges...note the losses...the cavalry didn't stick around for long

Will they make it??

French artillery faces the Prussian cavalry...the first of three separate charges

The Prussian Landwehr drives off the cavalry and moves forward

Carnage on the hill.  Only 1 battery remains

End of the fight on the right flank.  Not much remains of the French right...

The battle draws to a close with one remaining battery on the hill staring down one surviving Prussian cavalry regiment.  (Genl. Caudill has since reminded me that "All Prussian cavalry units were on the field in good order at the close of the game.  It portends a troublesome withdrawal of the French rearguard".

The battle ended with a minor Prussian victory.  Overall, it mirrored the historical battle, but not quite as significant victory for the Prussians as in the real battle.  Of course, my error in rating all the Prussians as Raw D4 defense die units had something to do with that!

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